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  • Flyerz.co.za reserves the right to refuse printing and listing of any material that is seen to be offensive, violent , discriminatory pornographic , or generally un acceptable to society as a whole.
  • Flyerz.co.za will not be held liable for any communication or transactions between the companies listed and their dealings with customers that transpire out of the use of this site
  • No resolution of online listings will be guaranteed
  • Payment must be made in full and artwork must be signed off and approved on the flyer before listings will be visible on Flyerz Online.
  • Artwork is quoted separately and if supplied by yourself must be in a format approved by Flyerz.co.za
  • The monthly give away hosted by Flyerz.co.za can be entered only by a paying customers of one of the listed companies on the flyerz.co.za/online website
  • Employees and family members of Flyerz.co.za may not enter any of the Flyerz.co.za/online competitions
  • Flyerz.co.za/online reserves the right to issue or deny the award of any competitions at their sole discretion.
  • Competition prizes have no guarantees or warranties and Flyerz.co.za will not be held liable for the condition of any prize supplied to a chosen winner.
  • Winners will be chosen by lotto draw, after proof of a business transaction is supplied between the competition entrant and a listed business or supplier. We will accept pics of invoices, attendance of events or any proof that provides us with evidence that you made use of an advertiser on Flyerz Online
  • Monthly give always are not exchangeable for cash.
  • Flyerz.co.za reserves the right to investigate the integrity of any proof of use and reserves the right to have a re draw if the application of use is seen to be false.
  • The advertiser and the winners of the give away agree to have photos taken for advertising purposes, and agree to such photos being published for advertising purposes to prove the integrity of the “give away”. Failure to make oneself available for this will result in the give away being null and void, and Flyerz the right to have a re draw.
  • The winner announced by Flyer online and published on the site will be final and no correspondence will be entered.
  • TV winners must produce a valid TV licence in order to collect the prize. No prize will be given without producing a valid TV licence. If you do not have a TV licence one can be obtained from the post office. Obtaining a TV licence must be done within the same calander month as winning a TV or the prize will be forfeit
  • Terms and Conditions - ** Subject To Change Without Notice ** - Flyerz.co.za/online Listings and Competitions

Terms and Conditions - ** Subject To Change Without Notice ** - Flyerz.co.za/online Listings and Competitions